Yes, it definitely looks like travel is starting to pick up again. The second terminal at an airport close to where we both live will open up in a month’s time after being closed for almost 2 years. This is a clear and tangible indication that demand for travel is up.

We certainly don’t expect business travel to go back to pre-pandemic levels, as distances have largely been eradicated with the help of a plethora of video and collaboration tools. But there is also such a need to meet in person, people have missed being together and we all know that face to face interaction can speed up relationship and team building, understanding and innovation.

And travelling isn’t just a process of getting from A to B. No, it’s also an opportunity to see, experience and learn something new. To be curious and intentional about every trip, to see it as a learning journey and approach it that way. Not just at our destination but also while in transit.

One of our favourite things to do when travelling and passing through an airport or train station is to visit a book store, to pick up a new book, to use the travel time to consume some food for thought, and to get new insights, ideas and inspiration. There’s something wonderfully tactile and immediate about a physical book, isn’t there! And recent stats indicate that print books outsell ebooks 4 to 1. We were a bit surprised by this given that so much of our world is now digital.

WHSmiths London City Airport Feb 2022