Elisabet Vinberg Hearn is a speaker, author, leadership strategist and executive coach who is passionate about creating Sustainability and long-term success for leaders and organisations around the world.

She is often hired to talk about Future Leadership and Winning Team, and is a published, award-winning author.

Elisabet has extensive experience from the business world, including 13 years with American Express, based in Sweden and in the UK, while working internationally. She has held various leadership roles, responsible for customer servicing, process re-engineering and corporate culture transformation.

She has a degree in Marketing Economics from IHM Business School and an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability from the University of Cumbria (Robert Kennedy College).


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Let’s celebrate!

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog     Today Sweden celebrates Midsummer’s Eve, one of the countries biggest public holidays, steeped in tradition linked to nature and outdoor pursuits.   And as one of us is Swedish, this prompts us to bring up the subject of...

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To be a great leader, lead yourself!

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog   Effective leadership is not just about understanding the business and using the business tools effectively. No, great leaders also, and maybe more importantly, are great self-leaders. They know, lead and manage themselves in...

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Five ways to reboot your team

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog   Let’s look at how employee engagement – or lack of it – can impact your team and your business.  Leaders and teams need to use their ‘engagement radar’ Everyone owns their own engagement. It’s not the manager’s sole...

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It’s always possible to be kind

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau     Leadership is always a hot subject. We often hear people talking about what kind of leadership is best. There’s no simple answer to that...

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Your impact: Self-PR or not self-PR?

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog   Continuing on from last week’s blog on how to create impact for the future through your Leadership Brand, let’s turn to a question that leaders often pose to us: Is it really OK to “promote” myself? I don’t feel comfortable...

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Your future leadership brand and impact

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog   We were very happy to be part of WeAreTheCity’s WeAreFutureLeaders conference last Friday in London – where we spoke on this subject. Whether you could join us or not, here are some ideas on how you can be proactive about...

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Feedforward: Do you give enough?

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog In a recent study by Gallup, only 23 per cent of employees say that they get enough feedback.  This is a sad figure, but not a surprising one. There’s not enough feedback in the workplace, this is a known fact. And yet it is...

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A reputation, we all have one?

From WeAreTheCity's Future Leader's Blog   It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it – Benjamin Franklin Individuals, teams and organisations all have reputations. And reputation is created over time, through words, actions...

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How loud is your body language?

From WeAreTheCity’s Future Leader’s Blog   Do you think a lot about what to say? Do you carefully choose your words to craft a great question or comment? Do you think about the message you want to put across to someone else? We would guess that the answer is yes to...

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