Det börjar idag


Varje dag är en ny start.

Gårdagen var kanske bra eller mindre bra. Vi kan ta från den vad vi behöver ta – lärdomar, erfarenhet, glädje, inspiration. Och sen kan vi gå vidare in i idag.

Varje dag kan vi starta om. Varje dag kan vi ge oss själva en chans att börja om, att hitta ny inspiration, att skapa vår framtid.

Titta inte tillbaka i ånger och önskan av att saker och ting hade varit annorlunda. Se istället framåt och se vad du kan göra med idag, och imorgon och dan efter.

Se på vad dagen har att erbjuda. Leta inspiration. Gå in i dagen med tillförsikt om att den kommer att bli bra och ge dig allt det du behöver.

Skapa din egen framtid. Hitta lösningar. Fatta beslut som är viktiga för dig. Hitta saker att vara tacksam för, att glädjas åt, att inspireras av. Det finns massor.

Det börjar idag. Varje dag är en ny, fräsch start. Vad ska du göra med din?

Being a leader – an impossible task?

Sad businesswoman

I read in the paper recently how many leaders get really bad leadership scores from their employees.

I’m sometimes amazed that there are people out there who want to be leaders in the first place. It’s not an easy job. The expectations on a leader are high, being a skilled multi-tasker is a must.

And still, that’s just how it should be. As a leader you have a direct impact on how engaged your employees are. And engaged employees is the key to a profitable and healthy company. So the expectations on leaders should be high, because that’s how important the leaders are.

If you run a company, make sure you hire the right people as leaders, make sure they can feel good where they are, develop them continually, so that they have a fair chance to give the employees what they need to feel good and do a good job.

As a leader you need to see each person, understand each person, observe the uniqueness of each person and make sure those unique qualities are maximised and utilised.

So take the time to be a leader. Don’t be so busy with meetings and calls and emails that you no longer have the time to spend with your employees. Listen to what people have to say, take interest in them, make sure they have what they need to do a good job, laugh, encourage, allow for mistakes and learnings, give feedback, help them develop, communicate……

Yes, the list is long – therein lies the leader’s biggest challenge. So if it feels like too much, then at least do this – see and hear each person, make them feel important. You have everything to gain from this – and you will.

No, it’s not impossible to be a good leader – it does take time and interest though. And it’s a rewarding investment!

Don’t you sometimes wish that life was a musical?

Dancing Tango in the street

I saw an ad for T-Mobile on TV a while ago. It was a train station somewhere in England, with hundreds of people passing through a large atrium. All of a sudden music starts playing and people start dancing, at first just the ones that were in on it, and then some of the others. Surprised, startled and happy. It looked like so much fun – heart warming, fun and uplifting.

OK then, if you haven’t seen it and you’re curious – here’s the link to You Tube and the video clip…..

A bit like in a musical…

You know what it’s like in a musical – all of a sudden everyone just starts to dance, the traffic stops, everyone knows the steps, the music just washes over you –  “Fame, I’m gonna live forever”!  Yeah well, you know what I mean.

Wouldn’t it be cool if life was more like a musical? If people smiled more, laughed more, danced more, jumped on car roofs more, were a little more spontaneous  Or at least looked more at each other on the tube, the bus, the train.

Let’s start a revolution! Smile at at least one stranger today! Dance a few steps on your way to the bus! Laugh for no reason! What’s the worst thing that can happen? 🙂

71 years young

Park signs with recreational restrictions

Heard on the English news this morning that a 71 year old (or young!) man had been accused of reckless rollerblading. Marvellous! You couldn’t make it up, even if you wanted to!

Apparently he had been blading in his hometown for a long time but had now expanded his view and gone to another little town, where he had been caught on CCTV, blading down a pedestrian street. The footage shows how he swerves in and out amongst pedestrians and apparently people have felt threathened by his movements. Absolutely marvellous! I’m saying absolutely marvellous as I think it’s so out of the ordinary.

We often have set views or expectations of how people should be, children are expected to be or behave a certain way, teenagers another and so on. A teenager being accused of reckless rollerblading would have been more in line with expectations. Isn’t it fantastic when people make a mark, stick out a bit, surprise a bit,  raise our spirits a bit!?

I had a big smile on my face when I heard and saw this on the news. They interviewed the man on TV, he had his rollerblades on and you could see how he was rearing to go the whole time! What joy he was displaying! He seemed to be having such a good time.  And I don’t think he was particularly dangerous to his surroundings. I do think he broke the pattern of our expectations of a 71 year old though.

Good, I say! Break the pattern! Keep your “joie de vivre”! Do what’s right for you – as long as it doesn’t hurt others and the world around you. There’s nothing wrong in stirring things up a bit or staying away from stereotyping for that matter.

So now I’m wondering what I can do to break the expectations of what a 40+ mum with small kids and her own company should be like…..

All suggestions are welcome:-).

I’ve lost myself and I love it


May last year I travelled to Treasure Island, Florida to attend a three week long NLP Trainer certification programme.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a behavioural technology that helps people achieve better communication, better goal achievement, greater happiness –  well simply to create the life, the relationships and the situation that one wants. I don’t know what it’s like for you, but I’ve found that often when I’m a bit unsure or nervous or just not myself, I typically don’t do my best or make the best impression. My head starts spinning with various thoughts:

“what if I make a fool of myself”

“I hope no-one will see how nervous I am”

“what if it all goes to pot”

and the more I think that way, the more I become focused on myself and my own feelings. I just become less focused on what I can contribute to the world. It all becomes quite ego focused, just on ME, ME, ME. And it feels rubbish, doesn’t it?  Because then it’s as if it’s all up to me, as if I have to have all the answers, as if I have to be perfect (horrid thought:-))

Something happened during those weeks in Florida.

I learned to focus more on the world around me and less on myself. I learned to be just “in the moment”, to focus all my attention outside of myself and in doing so I found a new calm, a new presence.  A calm that tells me that everything is OK.  That I can’t make a fool of myself (that’s all just in my head). When I focus on the world around me, I have access to more of my resources, my instincts, my wisdom.

If you would like to experience the same thing, then practice focusing on the world around by expanding your visual field. Instead of staring firmly at something, try relaxing your eye muscles and take in more information through your peripheral vision. Do it every day and especially whenever you feel tense or worried.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m not saying that it’s constantly like this for me now, but I do have short moments without my ego involved and in those moments I feel better than ever before.  I know more, I achieve more – everything just falls into place.

And I love every moment! I intend to have more of those!