Green maze

Never give up! I don’t mean “be stupid and keep hitting your head against a brick wall”. No, what I mean is this – if something really matters to you, if you really want to achieve something and you think it’s possible, then keep going.

Hold on to your dreams, to your ambitions – be inspired by them, as often as you can.

I bet you’re the person who will keep going, aren’t you? You know that all success is preceded by temporary setbacks, that everything worth doing well is worth doing badly first. And you know that those setbacks are indeed temporary setbacks. You are able to keep going, trying something new, something different – be inspired by those setbacks. Yes, thank you setbacks!

Who cares for a straight road anyway?!

You are not deterred by “failure” – heck, you know it isn’t even failure – it’s just an indication of what to change in your next attempt.

You never give up, do you? Not if it’s important enough to you.

So keep going – focus on your dream and act in accordance,

Enjoy the journey!

Never give up.