Croissant and jam

My adventure in South East Europe is over. There was a solution – of course.

After five days in Istanbul, we travelled by coach to Vienna, staying in Sofia on the way. And I was lucky to spend time with a great group of people who kept spirits high and made the most of the situation – most inspiring.

And then finally, from Vienna I was able to fly home. I don’t think it’s ever felt so good to get home!

I don’t take things for granted, or at least I try not to. Because “normality” (everything that you have and that happens on a regular basis) we tend to take for granted. It’s human nature, we all do it.

And when you don’t have it for a while, when you don’t know when or how you will get home, you appreciate it all the more.

So I’m making a note of what I am thankful for – my husband, my children, my family and friends, my health, my home, my garden (even though it needs a lot of work!) – yes, all the obvious things. But also little things like my bed, making my Nespresso in the morning, my Birkenstock, my walk to the station to get to work, cooking dinner, reading the morning paper, and much more.

And I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful and happy for. And how it SO outweighs any problems, concerns and worries.

What are you thankful for? And how can reminding yourself of this make you create the kind of day and future you want to have?

We create what we focus on – where are you putting your focus today?