Don’t get complacent. Don’t get bored and too comfortable.

Fire and re-hire yourself once in a while.

We all get into a rut at times, we maybe get a bit disengaged, not quite giving it our best and frankly also not then having much fun. But when we really have to, we tend to be able to be outstanding, to put in that extra effort, to go that extra mile. And we feel so good when we do it, we feel the flow, we feel the power, we experience the possibilities.

So fire yourself. Maybe even today. Do an “appraisal” with yourself – give yourself the constructive feedback, ask yourself to see the possibilities. Heighten your senses by firing yourself and then re-hiring the new, re-energised you. The you that can make your day more enjoyable, your results better, your peace of mind greater.

So fire yourself today. I just did. And I re-hired myself too – and I love my new job!