Champagne bottleAbout a month ago I attended the opening party of a new champagne bar in Stockholm – Brutbar, located beneath the famous restaurant Prinsen in Stockholm. Wonderful!

We were invited along side a number of celebrities who were all being photographed as we could quietly find a nice corner table, where we enjoyed champagne and oysters and 7 wonderful seafood dishes (well, not the desserts thankfully!)

Brutbar is one of those nice and relaxed places where you can go after work and just have a glass of champagne (note to self – I want to do that more often!) or satisfy your appetite for delicious offerings from the sea.

There’s something fantastically glamourous about champagne, isn’t there? It just feels festive and happy – an easy way to make the day a bit special. And some festivity and glamour can’t hurt now and then. Especially not with all the negativity currently around us.

So take the time to meet up with good friends, over a cup of coffee, a nice dinner, or even a glass of champagne. And enjoy. Life is good.