A friend of mine gave me some affirmation cards for Christmas. The one that jumped out the most was “My body is healthy and strong”, as I had carried around a cold for 5 weeks leading up to Christmas, and I really felt it was time to focus on health. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

A couple of weeks ago I was heading for the city of Stockholm to meet two good friends for lunch.  On my way to the station to catch the train I realised that my boots were a bit slippery (hadn’t used them since last winter and had forgotten how bad they were). But you know how it is, you think “oh, I haven’t got the time to go back and change (as I was already a little late for the train), I’ll just have to walk more carefully”. Hm. What happened? Well, about 100 metres from the station I finally slipped badly, flew up in the air and landed hard on my coxic!


Behind me was a young girl who very kindly asked if I needed help. I was lying there in indescribable pain, nauseous, thinking “now I’m gonna miss the train” and declined the help (because who wants to be helpless!) For a split second I considered crawling back home again, but I decided to instead drag myself onto my feet and started hobbling to the station. I was in such pain and it went slow but I got to the station AND caught my train (quite pleased about that:-)).

One of my friends couldn’t make it but two of us met at Zink Grill and thoroughly enjoyed our delicions lunch. While I was sitting there much of the pain disappeared and I felt quite good. Then, when it was time to take our leave I realised that this was going to hurt for a while. PAIN!

And since then I’ve had all sorts of strange pains and discomforts, varying from day to day.

Now I happened to injure my coxic when I was 17 (with the help of a moped in Greece…..) and that bothered me for 15 years, so I know how bad coxics can be.

I think everything happens for a reason and even if you can’t see the reason straight away, you can always go look for it.

So what was the reason for slipping and hurting myself? Well, I had to think for a bit, but I’ve found that my posture has improved a lot. I tend to slouch and now I sit up straight with a beautiful posture! I’ve also “had to” bend my knees to pick up things from the floor (and believe me, with 6 year old twins at home there’s a lot of “picking up stuff” going on!) and I’ve received new, or newly discovered muscles  in my legs! Wow! Who knows, maybe I’ll finally get fit…..:-)

My body is healthy and strong, my body is healthy and strong, my body is healthy and strong!