Whether you are an employee, your own boss or without a job, make sure you view and think of yourself as “your own boss”, someone who is running your own business. As “You Ltd” you are hiring out your services to an organisation when you take employment.

And if this is true, then you are also responsible for your own development, and responsible for making yourself as valuable to organisations and marketable as possible, if you’re looking for a job or a promotion.

You have your own future in your hands. And that’s a great opportunity.

Map out what you are best at, ask yourself what your unique strengths are. An excellent way of doing this is by completing the ”Strengthsfinder”, an online test which helps you identify your strengths/human talent themes. To do the test you first need to buy the book “Strengthsfinder 2.0? by Tom Rath. Or you can do the more in-depth “StrengthScope” with a certified StrengthScope coach, or use any other strengths tools out there.

You can also ask others for feedback (your manager, colleagues, employees, customers, friends) to further understand what you are good at – and what you need to improve to become more successful.

Then think of ways of maximising your strengths, really tapping into them, whatever role your are in. Tapping into your strengths can also be a a great way of working around “weaknesses” or improving development areas. Your talents and strengths are your greatest opportunities for further success.

Review your career – what trends can you see, what jobs have you had, what strengths and capabilities have you used? What have you done and achieved? We’ve all achieved loads but rarely take the time to sit down and really map it out, or make the most of it.

Practice talking about yourself, your qualities, knowledge, skills and results. Ask a friend or colleague to listen and give you feedback. Remembering that it’s always about the value you can give to others.

If you’re looking for a job, think of how you can explain and link how your particular experience makes you the right person for the job. How you can clarify how all your experience and qualities can become of value for them, the company and its results.

Invest in yourself – you are your own greatest asset. What knowledge and qualities are desired in the marketplace, now or in the future? What’s needed out there? Where can you add value? How can you keep building your value by adding knowledge, experience and qualities that you think are relevant for you, your dreams and ambitions?

Attended seminars and workshops. And if you don’t have a big development budget, not to worry – it doesn’t have to be expensive or cost more than your time. There are many shorter seminars, webinars and tele-seminars that are free of charge. Shop around!

Join relevant networks of people with similar interests, from the same industry or with other relevant connections.

Read, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, watch TED-videos, surf the net for information…..

There are endless development opportunities for continuous development and making yourself more marketable. Which ones will you take?