We are proud and excited to share that we have received a FIFTH book award for our latest book, The Leader’s Guide to Impact. This Maincrest Media Award is our 11th award in total.

This is what the jury said:

“The Leader’s Guide is a pioneering book that combines modern principles of mindfulness and positive psychology to create a manifesto for successful leadership and life. The contents of the book helps readers create a strong direction, vision and strategy so they can become more impactful leaders in both corporate and domestic spaces. The book progresses in a logical fashion, focusing first on inner work before moving outwards to colleagues, stakeholders and the community as a whole. This cleverly mirrors the overarching theme of the book – the ripple effect – where one’s impact is bigger than oneself. The principles of the book are clear and intentional, with a compelling mixture of anecdotes, facts and usable resources to help apply new concepts to real life. This is enhanced by a positive and encouraging tone and language pitched at a comfortable midpoint between accessibility and corporate speak. The target audience of the book is made clear both on the covers and in the opening of the book. The attractive covers deliver a sense of positivity and assertiveness, which is reflected in the clean, bold font, professional layout, relevant quotes and crisp visuals throughout.”