What are you doing to handle these uncertain times?


Are you among the people who feel affected by uncertain times? The bad news about company results and jobs disappearing? Well, join the club! I’m sure there’s a lot of people in that category.

But don’t become a victim!

There are ways of handling your situation, regardless of what happens in the world. You have the power to decide over your own life. Not the circumstances around you. Unless you let them have power over you……So take control of your life.

So what can you control in this world?

Very little actually. All you can control is yourself – your thoughts, your attitude, your actions etc. So when things happen around you, focus on how you react and respond to that. Because what you focus on becomes reality.

So what will you focus on today? The fact that another company has gone bankrupt, or what you want to happen (something good, something inspiring, something world-changing). Your thoughts create new thoughts and possibilties, and starts to channel your energy towards new, more positive, constructive events.

And everything that we first view as “bad” or “negative” can end up being good. Change is needed, sometimes we need a shake-up, things need to change. And from that change, new ideas can be born, better solutions, greater insights.

So when things feel uncertain around you, decide how you will look at it – and ask yourself what the positive aspect may be of what’s happening. You’ll like the results.

I wish you all happiness and success – in certain and uncertain times. You decide.