I read on e24 that your contacts are important when it comes to landing a job. And yes, I agree, your contacts, your network, play a role when you look for a job, as well as in other situations.

It may sound a bit unfair, but let’s take a closer look.

Who’s responsible for your life?, Why, you of course.

Who’s responsible for your development? Why, you of course.

Who is therefore responsible for who you know? Why, you of course.

If we’re not happy with our situation, if we don’t think we know enough people, then we can do something about it.

It’s only me after all, who knows exactly what it is I want, or what’s important to me. So if I need to extend my network of contacts for example, then I may need to get out more, meet more people, talk to more people, give more to the world around me. I then take greater control over my own situation and get the knowledge or contacts I need, that are relevant to me.

I can’t expect for things to just drop into my lap. Because it could end up being the wrong things!

No, let’s take responsibility for our own situation. Let’s be active participants in our own life, make choices, act – that’s more fair, more relevant. And it makes us complain less. When we take responsibility, it no longer becomes relevant or interesting to complain or blame circumstances. We see ourselves as powerful resources in our own life.

Imagine how the world would look if everyone took more responsibility! Shall we give it a try?

And let’s get to know some new people today. Join a group/association/club. Start a new hobby. Invite people to a book club. Talk more to our colleauges. Who knows who me might get to know? Someone who makes us feel good, someone who challenges us, someone who gives us joy.

Because everyone we meet is important. Imagine knowing them!