What  is your definition of success?

There are probably as many definitions as there are people on this earth. Success is often expressed as material things, possessions, promotions, appointments, money etc. But it can also be something completely different…

How about peace of mind,  sleeping well at night, having good relationships with other people, having a purpose, achieving something, being appreciated?

Whatever your definition is…..make sure you have one!

How could you be successful otherwise? You may actually cheat yourself out of a lot of success, because if you have never defined what success meant to you – you didn’t see it, even though it was staring you straight in the face!

So go on, choose success by making up your mind about what SUCCESS MEANS TO YOU. Only you can decide, you have that power.

And instantly you increase your chances of success. Because now you all of a sudden have something to work with, towards. Define some goals, decide on actions that will take you to your goals.

And be happy about your success – because it is there if you just choose to see it.