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Images from the We are Future Leaders Conference 2019

We started out wanting to write a book together about leadership.

And a few years later, we now have three. In this short clip we share the story of how the three books came about; how we got to publish our third book and the journey through the first two books.

Stories are a brilliant way of engaging people, and we have always loved using story telling techniques to help our books come alive. If you don’t do it already, you can also use this as an engaging technique to share examples and help others follow and connect with the messages you want to get across. They usually have much more impact than you realise. Which means you have more impact too.

So, in this clip we talk about the three books:

The Team Formula

The Team Formula (2013)

“The Team Formula” was our first book and is written entirely in a story format; it is about a merger and acquisition where a leader and their team go through the merger. We tell the story of what happens and how he feels as he goes through the journey. We engage you with the interesting characters in this book – you may recognize similar characters in your team too! This book won two awards mainly for its creative way of telling a business story and informing the reader with lots of learning along the way.

Leading Team: 10 Challenges 10 Solutions

Leading Teams 10 Challenges 10 Solutions (2015)

This book published by the Financial Times is where we were asked to write using our story telling technique in a more traditional business book style, so this time we used a technique to help unpick the stories and challenges and give solutions to each of the challenges. Covering the ten most common team challenges, we give proven solutions to ensure that teams deliver and create consistent, lasting results.

The Leaders Guide to Impact

The Leader’s Guide to Impact (2019)

Following the success of the first two books, we were very kindly asked to write the next in the popular Financial Times “The Leaders Guide to X” series. Our subject of Impact is a subject that concerns everyone.  Leadership is the act and art of influencing others, and if you have to influence others (which we all do) then you are a leader. We always have an impact whether we realise it or not, we have an impact every day minute by minute. This book helps you to be more intentional about it.