After much excitement of starting my journey towards being able to run 10K, I had a setback. One of those typical, annoying ones – I got a cold! Sore throat, runny nose, heavy head – there was just no way I could or should run. So I had to pause my running (mainly walking) practice for over a week.

And then, there it was. After the initial annoyance, I got comfortable with not running, it all of a sudden seemed easier not to do anything. Of course it is! But it’s that voice of seduction, to fall back into the easy option, to not make the effort.

So I had to remind myself that it’s not even up for discussion.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do this.

So a few days ago I got started again, or continued after my little “break”. And it feels good, particularly good as I almost got lead astray by that lazy voice in my head.  But just almost, and now not at all. I’m back.