You, a creative force

Set of conceptual firework units

Do you consider yourself creative? I hope so, as I’m sure you are.

Very few people consider themselves creative though, as somewhere along the line they have gotten comfortable with what is, or they tried something and maybe weren’t recognised for it, or didn’t feel it led to anything, or worse – they were slammed for it.

Kids are endlessly creative, both in mind and in expression. Listen to a kid’s fantasy stories, where everything is possible and watch them draw the most beautiful drawings where there are no rules!

And as Ken Robinson very aptly describes in his fabled TED talk, over time we learn to become non-creative. If you haven’t seen it, and it’s brilliant!

I think there may be a number of reasons why we tend to become less creative over time. The main reason I think is that we create habits, patterns in our lives of doing things the same way. And I believe we need patterns to make sense of things, and to make life easier (so we don’t have to think about absolutely everything we do, but can actually do things subconsciously!)

But therein lies the challenge – to have habits and patterns AND to now and then challenge our thinking about things, not getting stuck.

Why not create a habit of saying to yourself each day, one or more of the following questions:

  • What can I do differently today?
  • What could I look at differently today (reframing)?
  • How can I look at that differently (reframing)?
  • What’s the craziest idea I can think of this context?

Our common sense often holds us back, even “brainstorming” is often just ” very gentle brainbreeze” (=more of the same).

The thought is free – not everything that gets suggested has to be done. We can play with thoughts and ideas. It’s often in some of the craziest ideas that something really original and revolutionary gets created.

As Albert Einstein so insightfully said: “If an idea isn’t at first absurd, there’s no hope for it”.

So, let’s continue to create and stretch our creativity. Let’s push ourselves to think differently. Let’s play with ideas. And let’s watch the world transform, one idea at a time.

Never give up!

Green maze

Never give up! I don’t mean “be stupid and keep hitting your head against a brick wall”. No, what I mean is this – if something really matters to you, if you really want to achieve something and you think it’s possible, then keep going.

Hold on to your dreams, to your ambitions – be inspired by them, as often as you can.

I bet you’re the person who will keep going, aren’t you? You know that all success is preceded by temporary setbacks, that everything worth doing well is worth doing badly first. And you know that those setbacks are indeed temporary setbacks. You are able to keep going, trying something new, something different – be inspired by those setbacks. Yes, thank you setbacks!

Who cares for a straight road anyway?!

You are not deterred by “failure” – heck, you know it isn’t even failure – it’s just an indication of what to change in your next attempt.

You never give up, do you? Not if it’s important enough to you.

So keep going – focus on your dream and act in accordance,

Enjoy the journey!

Never give up.

You have a choice


You have a choice. Now, today, tomorrow and all the days to follow.

A choice of

  • how to spend the day
  • how to feel
  • how to think
  • how to approach and treat other people
  • how your day will be
  • how you will act
  • how you will react
  • how you will do generally
  • how others will percieve you

Your’re not a victim.

Not of the weather.

Not of other people.

Not of circumstances around you.

You choose. Take that control over your life. And then you can choose the quality of life that you desire. As a result your situation is  not in the hands of other people or circumstances.

Don’t give your power away. Lead yourself. Live without regrets or accusations. Take responsibility for your situation. Choose joy and gratitude.

All we have is here and now after all.  And it’s only really the here and now that we can take control over.

As Viktor Frankl (Austrian psychiatrist, concentration camp survivor and author of “Man’s search for meaning”) so wisely said:

“The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance.”

So make your choice. Are you ready? Will you choose a good or a bad day?

It’s your choice, nobody else’s. You choose the quality of all aspects of your life. Pretty cool, hey!

Fire and re-hire yourself


Don’t get complacent. Don’t get bored and too comfortable.

Fire and re-hire yourself once in a while.

We all get into a rut at times, we maybe get a bit disengaged, not quite giving it our best and frankly also not then having much fun. But when we really have to, we tend to be able to be outstanding, to put in that extra effort, to go that extra mile. And we feel so good when we do it, we feel the flow, we feel the power, we experience the possibilities.

So fire yourself. Maybe even today. Do an “appraisal” with yourself – give yourself the constructive feedback, ask yourself to see the possibilities. Heighten your senses by firing yourself and then re-hiring the new, re-energised you. The you that can make your day more enjoyable, your results better, your peace of mind greater.

So fire yourself today. I just did. And I re-hired myself too – and I love my new job!

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Half full half empty

Oh, I know, it’s the classic question! A little tired and a bit of a cliché, you may think. But oh, so relevant.

One of the greatest traits of a good leader is being optimistic, which in my view is even better than being positive, because OPTIMISTIC contains the ingredient of HOPE. With optimism you see possibilities, you recognise what you have, you find solutions. And when you see the glass as half full, you are encouraged to go on, you feel stronger, you know that nothing is impossible (it might just take longer!).

So let that glass be at least half full. Or make a real statement – make it full!