Want a team where people work together, “all for one and one for all”? Then here’s a practical recommendation.

Make a habit of using we-talk.

When you talk about the team, with the team or outside it, use words that demonstrate your commitment to the team, and encourage others to do the same. Use the word we, and mean it.

Here are some examples:

  • We have some great opportunities to…
  • Together we can…
  • How can we solve this together?
  • What are the next steps we should take?
  • This is what I will do for us…
  • What did we learn….?
  • What could we do differently next time?

We-talk builds connections, it highlights that you are a team and that you’re all there for each other. It shows that you need each other (everyone is important) and it creates a sense of belonging. It removes barriers and it creates team spirit.

Saying “we” – and meaning it – may seem like a small thing, but it can have a BIG impact on the team.

In high-performing, winning teams (in sports and in business) the team goes before the individual and as a result the team can achieve greater results and success, which ultimately also means the individual has greater success. It’s a win-win mentality.

This is a revised excerpt from our award-winning book “Leading Teams: 10 Challenges 10 Solutions”, FT Publishing 2015.

Available in three languages – English, Spanish and Vietnamese.