Every day is a new beginning.

Yesterday may have been good or maybe not. We can take from it what we need – learnings, experience, joy, inspiration. And then go on, into today.

We can start afresh every day. Every day we can give ourselves a chance to start again, to find new inspiration, to create our future.

Don’t look back in regret, wishing that things were different. They are what they are – or they were what they were. Look ahead instead and see what you can do with today, and tomorrow and the day after.

See what the day has to offer. Look for inspiration. Go into they day trusting that it will be a good day and that it will give you all that you need.

Shape your own future. Find solutions. Make decisions that are important to you. Find things to be grateful about, to be happy about, to be inspired by. There’s loads.

It starts today. Every day is a new, fresh start. What are you going to do with yours?