Yes, I know that Christmas has just been and that it’s 10 months to the next one, but it can’t be too early to start influecning, can it….? I mean, to increase your chances…..

This year I won’t ask for another handbag, there are limits to how many handbags a person can have, even for me:-).

No, this year I wish for TED. How wonderful it would be to attend TED.

If you haven’t discovered TED yet, then it’s a yearly speaker’s conference where creative, inspiring and aspiring people share their knowledge, ideas and visions. Imagine being showered by inspiration for several days by some of the world’s best thinkers and doers! About 50 people speak for 18 minutes each during 4 days! Wow! Talk about bombarding yourself with possibilities!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And I promise to be good of course!

In the meantime I will continue to listen to all these fantastic inspiring people at TED Talks – hundreds of video clips from these conferences. At times I hardly dare visit their website as I know that I so easily get hooked and then don’t get anything else done.

One of my favourite clips is with Sir Ken Robinson who talks about creativity and how we need to teach our children differently than we do today. Wonderful! If you want to laugh and be inspired – here is the link.

Although, isn’t it so that our entire lives are one big TED conference, with inspiration and possibilities. When I look around at all the people I meet, I am awed at the contribution everyone makes.

Think of how you inspire and influence those around you. Every day. Isn’t that something!