Going into the future, our ability to have great impact is becoming more and more important. We all need to think about our effect on others and what effect we want to have.

How we operate rather than simply what we do is becoming more and more critical to success. It’s all about how we impact people, the business and the world around us. In fact, it is fast becoming the differentiating factor for successful executives, leaders and organisations overall, something that we observe every day in our work.

And considering that leaders are increasingly connected 24/7 through social media, you are always on stage so the need to manage your impact is crucial.

By actively CREATING THE IMPACT they want, leaders are demonstrating they are more in charge of and can better predict the outcomes they get. We all need to manage our personal impact, and the effect our impact has on all our stakeholders, both in the short- and the long-term. 

Are you ready to create your Impact Strategy? Great, then use our 5-Step Impact Strategy Creator™ to get you started!

Step 1: Decide on the impact you want to have

  • REFLECT: What impact do you want to have and on who?
  • ACT: List situations, initiatives, projects, places, teams, people etc

Step 2: Clarify what it will lead to

  • REFLECT: Why do you want to have that impact (what difference will it make)?
  • ACT: Map out the links between your impact and team/divisional goals and organisational vision and mission etc

Step3: Set target date

  • REFLECT: When do you want to achieve that impact?
  • ACT: Decide on milestones and deadlines  

Step 4: Create an action/behaviour plan

  • REFLECT: How will you achieve that impact?
  • ACT: List ideas for actions to take and behaviours to adopt. Consider the support you may need from others

Step 5: Decide on success measures

  • REFLECT: How will you measure/assess your impact going forward?
  • ACT: List possible measurements, such as surveys, feedback, productivity etc

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