Always keep an open mind.

What we know compared to what there is to know is minute – and that’s OK, there’s no way we could know it all. Especially not when considering the speed of change we experience around us. What we knew before is likely to have changed.

And the only way to prosper in a changing world must be to keep a curious, open mind – to be humble and realise that we don’t know it all. To be brave and strong enough to say that we don’t know. It’s OK.

There’s no need to “be right” about things.

With an open mind, we can explore new ideas and create better solutions – together with others. With a curious mind we look with genuine interest at change and see the opportunities that present themselves – and we see and appreciate the value that other people bring.

I reckon it’s our main success strategy – to keep an open, curious mind – and it’s fun too. What do you think?