Elisabet Vinberg Hearn is a speaker, author, leadership strategist and executive coach who is passionate about creating Sustainability and long-term success for leaders and organisations around the world.

She is often hired to talk about Future Leadership and Winning Team, and is a published, award-winning author.

Elisabet has extensive experience from the business world, including 13 years with American Express, based in Sweden and in the UK, while working internationally. She has held various leadership roles, responsible for customer servicing, process re-engineering and corporate culture transformation.

She has a degree in Marketing Economics from IHM Business School and an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability from the University of Cumbria (Robert Kennedy College).


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Observations on self-leadership in Mozambique

Observations on self-leadership in Mozambique

Around the table a group of social workers, youth leaders, educators and project leaders are gathered. The attention is high, focus is sharp; people are keenly listening to the speaker of the moment. The discipline in attention, despite several days of learning, is... read more
Be curious

Be curious

Always keep an open mind. What we know compared to what there is to know is minute – and that’s OK, there’s no way we could know it all. Especially not when considering the speed of change we experience around us. What we knew before is likely to... read more

Go on, have an attitude!

Attitude is everything. Attitude, outlook, perspective, approach – whatever we call it – it affects or changes everything. What if something unexpected or unwanted happens? You lose your job, you “fail” at something, you don’t meet your... read more

The Curse of Multitasking

Multitasking has long been praised as a great thing. Well, I say it’s a curse – and let me tell you why. When you’re multitasking you are not really giving anything your full attention. And if nothing gets full attention, it’s not getting all... read more

Is it enough to be rational?

It’s time for a rethink! Now! Rational competence and rational solutions are hailed in most organisations. Yeah, so what? you may think. And you would be right; it may not be a bad thing in and of itself, but the social aspect of the work place; how well people... read more

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Is that you? Leadership is changing fast. And emotional intelligence is climbing to the top of desired leadership abilities. The ability to relate to others, to “get people”, to see people, to value others, to take care of how we impact others, to connect... read more

Thoughts on Sustainability

Since early 2011, I’ve been studying for an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Interesting and exciting. And what makes the MBA particularly rewarding and exciting for me, is that it’s got an additional focus on “Leadership and... read more

The challenges a leader faces

To be a leader can be both rewarding and frustrating. I remember becoming a leader of a team 22 years ago, my very first leadership role, with no leadership experience and very little understanding of what was expected of me. There are very few “born” leaders, if any!... read more

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